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  1. Linas Liubinskas

    Hello. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and/or news updates. Thank you. Linas

  2. Jaremczuk

    Good morning Sacha,

    I just would like to say that I like very much you stile and the way you are writing about top luxury products. This is kind of a uniwye mixture about Russian feelings and Western European taste.

    Best regards
    May be one day we will have chance to meet each other. I am French and my grand mother was Russian born.

    • Chere Margot,
      Je vous remercie pour votre message.
      Vos mots me touchent. En me rejouissant de faire bientot votre connaissance en France. Je pense qu’il n’y a pas de meilleure description pour expliquer l’Est et l’Ouest – L’ame slave avec une affinitee europeene, et un amour pour l’Orient et le Moyen Orient.

      Meilleures salutations,


  3. Hi Sasha,

    What a great and interesting article about the apparel business in China.
    I work for Chinese fashion brands myself. I have some ideas in mind how we can collaborate in the future, if you are interested of course. For now I would like to to follow you on Twitter if that’s okay with you? What is your Twitter profile?

    Have a nice day!

    Richard Roelofse

  4. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your comment – my twitter account is: @SACHAORLOFF
    I will pm you as well.

    Best regards,
    Alexandra Orloff

  5. Hello Laurie, just added you on ‘IN’ – thanks for the support
    All the best

  6. Through reading the articles; I do agree highly that the consumers in ME are loyal, despite if the services go down. Although, it is a highly potential if the services go up.

    Also, the new FFK Enterprise project in Al Rashid Mall-KSA (mention by CEO, Mr. Al-Kadi) is excellent concept and could be a shining platform for worldwide brands that don’t have yet boutiques (or agents…etc) in the region, of which they may don’t need if they are satisfied .

    Also, it is good for the customers to find their luxury needs in one place, especially if FFK Enterprises fulfill their needs. So, it is win-win situation. Hope them the best.

    On conclusion, well done Sacha Orloff…….you have a very good specialized concept in retail. Hope to see you shine more and more in Saudi Arabia and GCC region.

    • Thank you for your feedback and comments, it is true that there is so much to be done when it comes to customer service in the entire ME, a change should be implemented towards the client’s need and satisfaction – I believe we all have been brought up knowing that the client is KING, yet in this area it doesn’t look like it.

      As for FFK enterprises – it is a fantastic concept and I can only salute Mr Al Kadi’s audacity to take on board ‘younger, trendier brands’ in terms of heritage. It is a winning formula.

      One can and should not compete with bigger and heavier groups such as Al Tayer, or Chahloub, which are using their same old concept of providing well known brands all over the Middle East. Who needs another Versace, Armani, or Gucci boutique? They are already everywhere.

      While I made a thorough research of the GCC retail landscape it comes to mind, that the consumer gets really tired to see the same brands and products in every mall. I believe the GCC client is extremely well travelled and has a desire to be different from the rest of the crowd; he/she needs and wants to find other names, products, brands which will satisfy the need of personalised creativity, the value for money and the excellence of the product. I hope to surprise you very soon with other concepts in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

      Wishing you a good weekend !

  7. Dear Alexandar,

    I love your blog. I am from India, but have been living in the Middle East for the past 11 years. In Qatar to be precise. Do you have a presence here? I would love to meet you.

    Warm regards

  8. Bader Alansari


  9. Hello Sasha , I am looking to enter in new markets like China ,Russia and Arabic on web. Do you do consultancy over the phone? Best regards ,George

  10. Tres bon article sur le sujet. merci

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