Saudi Arabia – Retail Prospects and Outlook for 2012 – Report

By Alexandra de Kerros Boudkov Orloff

Download full report: Saudi Arabian Retail Prospects – Sacha Orloff 2012

Published in MECSC – Middle East Council of Shopping Centres:

Immense opportunities in the fast growing retail market in Saudi Arabia – its constraints and challenges.

The Middle East Retail Sector forecast for 2013 has identified Saudi Arabia and the UAE as the markets with the most potential and dynamic retail sectors in the region. These two markets have sustained their dominance within the retail landscape for more than a decade and will continue to do so in coming years. The presence of a large expatriate population and the majority of region’s retail investment being centred in these countries have helped to maintain the growth momentum.

The GCC retail industry is poised for a healthy growth and known to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the Middle East. It is the second largest sector in the oil-rich GCC region, and is considered to be the most favoured means of endorsing diversification and continual economic development in the area.

In general the Saudi retail sector is spread across malls that have mainly replaced the old markets and souks all over the Kingdom. Malls attract consumers to purchase in a more modern and stylish environment; enabling to build a consumer experience with both a social and entertainment purpose.

1.0        The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia economic landscape.
1.1          Total retail spending in KSA 2011
1.2         Total retail spending in UAE 2011.
1.3         Total retail spending at Dubai Duty Free.
1.4         Global GDP growth.

2.0        Global Trends.
2.1          Key Trends in the MENA retail market.
2.2         Trends in the Saudi real estate and retail market.
2.3         Riyadh, the future capital of the retail sector.

3.0        Key impacts on the retail market in KSA.
3.1          Cultural differentiations:
3.2         Religious tourism.
3.3         Saudi Retail Market Concentration.
3.4         Recruitment and customer service.

4.0        E-Commerce in KSA is the next growing trend.

5.0        Conclusion.

5.1        Input and outcome analysis of KSA retail

Download full report: Saudi Arabian Retail Prospects – Sacha Orloff 2012



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5 responses to “Saudi Arabia – Retail Prospects and Outlook for 2012 – Report

  1. Very interesting report. I appreciate the relevance of the analysis.

    Joachim Berchtikou

  2. Thank you Joachim for your message.
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  3. Thank you Alexandra.
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  4. Thank you Diane, and looking forward to reading your next e-book.

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