How to get more from slow January/February sales

With the 2010 holiday season over, merchants are wondering how to bring those consumers back into online stores in January and February – two of the slowest retail months. The key? Giving the consumer the right message at the right time, according to one expert, and that means targeting and retargeting the messages.

by Kristina Knight

ReTargeter is one platform which gives small- and medium-sized brands and retailers the ability to quickly create retargeted campaigns. They believe that retargeted advertising isn’t just about display, but should include social and search options as well. And, of course, the message is the most important aspect of all.

“Whether it’s used to reinforce the message of your latest email blast, or to give special offers to certain segmented users, we find the conversion rates will tend to be higher if the offer is consistent with the user’s overall experience with the brand,” said Arjun Dev Arora, CEO and Founder of ReTargeter.

Adding images, video clips or social sharing tools are important, but Arjun insists that the messaging is the most important aspect of the retargeted ad. Why? Because that message influences the conversion while the ‘extra’ content is more likely to build loyalty or perhaps increase brand engagement. So, what should brands do this January and February to increase engagement as well as conversions?

First, segment the audience.

“Not everyone who visits the brand’s homepage will be legitimately interested in the brand, so you can show ads to these users that have a different message than the ads shown to people who have visited pages deeper in the website. Using specific messages for each segment can greatly help improve click-thru and conversion rates,” said Arjun.

Second, brand, brand, brand.

“Retargeting is a great tool for branding,” said Arjun. “It can add a sense of legitimacy to small companies, and social retargeting can really help big brands improve their social following and engagement. This adds a much more long term value for the campaign.”

Finally, use email retargeting, too.

“Email marketing is a very highly utilized strategy. Retargeting can help reinforce the messaging of email marketing campaigns,” said Arjun. “By segmenting all of the users who open your emails, retargeting those users with ads specifically tailored to match the email’s messaging can solidify your offer to those users.”

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