Aston Martin aims to differentiate brand via iPhone application

by Elizabeth Zelesny

December 30, 2010

A British ultra-luxury auto brand Aston Martin is targeting tech-savvy consumers with a branded iPhone application that delves into its unique manufacturing process.

The application is available for free in Apple’s App Store. The application, titled Aston Martin Explore, is designed to bring the exclusive world of the luxury brand to owners and enthusiasts via their iPhone.

“Affluent consumers locate every brand on their mobile device, mobile has  become the window for which luxury consumers engage,” said Ryan Peterson,director of marketing at Ubermind, Seattle. “Having a presence in that window through which the consumer engages is very important.”

An Apple iPad version of the Aston Martin application will be available earlier next year. The company’s next application, Aston Martin Experience, will also be debuting in 2011.

Aston Martin is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars.

How it works

The application homepage lets users virtually start the car with the in-car ignition sequence.

After users rev the Aston Martin engine, a menu appears with options that link consumers to different functionalities within the application.

Consumers can tap on one of the options and it transfers to the desired category.

The Latest News section directs consumers to press releases from the luxury brand.

Aston Martin Explore allows users to see exclusive videos and images featuring One-77, DBS, DB9, Rapide, VS and V12 Vantage via the Exclusive Films and Gallery sections.

In the Gallery category, consumers can hear the evocative sounds of the V12 and V8 engines.

Users can explore the heritage of Aston Martin via a timeline in the Heritage section. Simply scroll from left to right to browse with ease.

In the Virutal Tour category, consumers can take an exclusive tour inside Aston Martin’s global headquarters.

Rev James Bond’s car of choice, the DBS by using the iPhone as an accelerator in the Accelerator category.

In the Social Network section, users can see updates via the brand’s social presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Logistics of the mobile strategy

Luxury automakers should take advantage of the increasing usage and downloads of smartphone applications.

“The iPhone is an ideal canvas for an automotive brand,” Mr. Peterson said. “That canvas is so slick and it enables brands to really showcase what they showcase everyday via TV.”

“It brings that experience right there in front of you,” he said. “If I see something really cool on my phone, odds are there is some place I can share it via Facebook or email. The sharability is huge.”

The demographic matches up, since smartphones are more expensive and require pricy data plans, users are likely higher income earners and more likely to purchase luxury automobiles.

By incorporating the brand’s social media presence via the application, Aston Martin draws awareness to itself, which in turn, draws traffic to the dealerships and Web site.

“From any marketer for a luxury brand’s standpoint, the point is to get that piece of information in front of as many eyeballs as they can,” Mr. Peterson said. “Why would you want to put something in a magazine or TV and can’t do anything about it?”

“The ability to have that message with the engaged consumer is so huge,” he said. “With a luxury automakers mobile application, users play with it and learn. Then they have a reason to go visit the showroom.”

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